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49. What are the 15 Mistakes We See Home Sellers Make Most Often?

15 common mistakes of residential home buyers

Now that we have completed our list of 15 Mistakes Home Buyers make, it’s time to turn to Home Sellers and discuss some of the unique issues they face. Just like with Buyers, we have seen a number of oft-repeated mistakes by home Sellers that can be easily avoided, often at no additional cost. They
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47. Why Should You Have Your Own Lawyer Review the Closing Documents Prior to Closing? (#14 of 15 common mistakes we see home buyers make)

Have your attorney review your closing documents when you buy a home

Things are understandably stressful for the Buyer right before Closing.  All the stars need to align for things to go smoothly.  Among them are: Scheduling all the parties for the closing; Final payoffs for old loans and utility bills of Seller (for the closing statement); Lender’s final approval of the loan and document preparation; Title
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43. Why Should You Avoid Relying on a Real Estate Agent to Answer Title Work and Survey Questions When Buying a Home? (#10 of 15 common mistakes we see home buyers make)

When you buy a house, do not have a real estate agent review the survey

Our Managing Attorney, Marc Jacob, tells the following story to illustrate why it’s much better for the client to keep their professional team members in their respective silos (at least in some ways): A friend once asked me to show him and his wife a house that went up for sale on my block. He
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