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39. Why Should You Be Careful NOT to “Fall in Love” with a Home at the Upper Limit of Your Price Range? (#6 of 15 common mistakes we see home buyers make)

Do NOT fall in love with a house unless you want to spend way too much money

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there.  We have an idea of what we want to buy and what we can afford, whether it’s a car, a vacation package, new electronics (especially our phones!) or even clothes shopping.  Then something happens.  We get a glimmer in our eyes over how good something looks, how nice
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37. Why Should a Home Buyer use a Real Estate Agent Who Knows How to Work with Buyer’s Lawyer? (#4 of 15 common mistakes we see home buyers make)

To get better results when buying a house, use an agent who knows how to work with your lawyer

Well just imagine if you don’t…! In some jurisdictions it is common for lawyers to be very involved with the home buying process.  In those areas, most real estate agents probably have a healthy understanding of: the role of Buyer’s agent (help them find a home; be available at inspections; provide “standard” forms, advise regarding
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36. Why Should I Continue Shopping for Lenders Even After Getting a Pre-Approval? (#3 of 15 common mistakes we see home buyers make)

Why you should continue to shop lenders and mortgages even after your pre-approval when buying a house

Many people think that once they have a pre-approval, or pre-qualification, that this means they have actually been approved for a loan.  Unfortunately, this is not true.  First, some definitions: “Pre-Qualification” – this is generally based only upon what you tell the lender or mortgage broker orally and you cannot rely upon it. It is
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35. Why should you NOT hire a friend or family member as your Buyers Agent for a Home Purchase? (#2 of 15 common mistakes we see home buyers make)

Do NOT hire a friend or family member to he your real estate agent

Real estate agents work hard to get clients.  Networking events, paid advertising, and lots of travel to prospective clients’ homes are just some of the ways they spend their weeks trying to get business. Through these many interactions it is quite natural to become friends with networking and referral partners.  In addition, one source of
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33. What are the 15 Mistakes We See Home Buyers Make Most Often?

15 common mistakes of residential home buyers

Over the years, between the clients we have had, our own personal experiences and those of our friends and family, we have seen a number of oft-repeated mistakes by home buyers.  These are all things that can be easily avoided, often at no additional cost.  They are listed here in the order that they come
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32. GUEST BLOG: A Few Hidden Dangers to Watch Out for When Buying a Home

Hidden dangers to watch out for when buying a home

By Guest Blogger: Hannah Bessinger, Outreach Specialist and Health Writer When you start the process of looking for a home, you probably have a long list of requirements for your new space, and you also know what you’re not looking for. However, what many people don’t may not realize is that many homes on the
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