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A staff dedicated to— and passionate about— helping home buyers and sellers achieve their goals, understand their rights, and get to closing as smoothly as possible.

Why We Started Home Sweet Legal

In 2008, a young Real Estate Lawyer In St. Louis, Missouri was buying his first home and was shocked that his real estate agent was uncomfortable with making any changes to the “standard” contract.

He was even more surprised when his home purchase turned out to be a very complex deal—more complicated than even his very experienced agent could have anticipated, and he wondered how someone without any legal training could possibly navigate this process.

Armed with the knowledge that in many U.S. cities, it is customary to hire a lawyer as part of your team when buying or selling real estate, our young lawyer decided he wanted to make legal protection more accessible to the people in St. Louis, and do it in a way that was both transparent and affordable.

In the summer of 2015, we brought Home Sweet Legal® from concept to reality after we received multiple inquiries in just one week from people with and without real estate agents wanting our help to buy or sell a home.

This signaled it was time to offer Home Sweet Legal® services to a wider audience, so everyone can have the legal protection and peace of mind that a Real Estate Lawyer In St. Louis can provide- So that they are prepared for what is one of the largest transactions most of us will ever make.

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